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Frequently asked questions

The Chinese Club is for all Chinese language learners who would like to gain a greater insight into the Chinese culture and learn how to use their Chinese in real conversations. The majority of our members are either formally studying Mandarin at university or self-teaching using textbooks and online resources. If you are looking to boost your studies with a supportive online community and our insightful articles, this is the program for you!

Note that we are not an all-inclusive Mandarin learning package (yet!), instead, we hope to complement your existing studies and provide guidance from experienced Mandarin learners.

Yes! We welcome members of all Chinese levels, including those who are just starting their Mandarin learning journey. Our support includes self-paced online courses for teaching yourself Chinese, useful advice on additional free or low cost online resources and apps (plus some great discounts!), and a community of learners and teachers to guide you through.

Yes! We welcome members of all Chinese levels, including those who are more advanced learners.

Stretch your Mandarin learning to the next level by learning everything from Chinese business etiquette to unique vocabulary!

Our in-depth articles typically focus on Chinese cultural topics and include:

  • Video from a qualified, native speaking Chinese teacher or the wider language learning community
  • Detailed information summarising the key points
  • Vocabulary list (pro feature) including Skritter list
  • Example sentences (pro feature)

You can check out a selection of articles for free before signing up!

We have partnered with your favourite apps and websites, offering you special discounts to boost your language learning. Check out our top discounts here, and feel free to drop us a message if there’s an app you’d love to see on the list!

We are passionate about Chinese language and culture, and encourage all members to visit China if they can! This includes exclusive fast-tracking of applicants for our Homestay Tutor program, top tips on applying for scholarships to study in China, and more!

We are a supportive online community of Chinese learners, offering a focus on cultural immersion and more informal language practice. Unlike an online language school, we do not offer classes or a set textbook-style curriculum, instead giving you the flexibility to join activities which support your own studies.