LTL Flexi Classes

Looking for affordable online group classes? Check out our review of LTL flexi classes and enjoy an exclusive 40% discount with the code “Abridge”!

We love...

Flexible schedule

Book classes which fit around you, 24 hours a day, without commiting to a fixed schedule and with flexible cancellations


LTL have developed a very professional curriculum and teaching resources

Small group classes

With a maximum of five learners per class, you have plenty of interaction! Alternatively, opt for one-on-one classes if you wish.


LTL classes start from just $9/ hour (and just $5.30 with the code "Abridge")

Support fellow learners

We receive a small commission for recommending LTL Flex Classes to you – which goes straight into our scholarship fund to support incoming participants in our teaching and language exchange programs! 

In-depth review

Whereas most online language classes require you to commit to a fixed schedule (e.g. “7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays”) so if you miss a class it’s difficult to catch up, instead with flexi classes you schedule each individual class whenever is convenient for you. 

It is still helpful to follow a structured curriculum though, rather than booking classes randomly – this is where the “my level” page is super useful. Here, you can see which class topic is recommended next, in order to view all upcoming times for that class. In general, most classes are scheduled around 5-10 times per week, so it is easy to find a time which works!

The big advantage LTL has over other flexible schedule options like italki is that they have a set curriculum and professional teaching resources.

Class gradually build upon each other, with regular review classes to consolidate key ideas.

On the “my level” page, you can see the recommended order of classes in order to follow a more logical path through this curriculum.

All lessons follow a pre-prepared presentation, including warm up activities, new words, grammar explanations, practice exercises, example dialogues, group discussion tasks and summary questions. We have been particularly impressed with the high quality of these lesson slides.

You can download the lesson pdf before the class – useful if you would like to check if the level is suitable for you before booking, as well as to print them out in advance to make notes. 

After the class, you can also download the annotated pdf including notes from your teacher. 

LTL employs professional and experienced language teachers who are native speakers of your target language. We have been very impressed with the quality of teaching by the LTL teachers, demonstrating an in-depth understanding of the language and ability to teach in an interactive and engaging way, even to complete beginners.

However, one disadvantage of the flexi class model is that you cannot always select your favourite teacher for every class – you sign up for classes, not to specific teachers. Teachers are only allocated to classes after the first student has enrolled – so if you get there first, you don’t know who will be teaching you. Once the teacher has been allocated though, you can see their profile, where you can also see all their upcoming classes if you wish to book another class with them.

LTL classes are incredibly affordable, compared to other online learning platforms or private tutors. 

They operate a monthly subscription model, in which you purchase a set number of “credits” to spend on classes in the following month. You can change your subscription or cancel anytime. You can also purchase top-up credits at $10/ each if you need to book a few extra classes!

One group class costs one credit, whereas one one-on-one class costs three credits. 

Depending on the number of credits you purchase each month, classes cost $9 – $14/ hour. Don’t forget, you can get an additional 40% off your first month with the code “Abridge”!


LTL uses Zoom for all classes, which is a popular online video conferencing tool. Although it was not originally developed with online teaching in mind, they have since incorporated many useful features such as screen annotations, breakout rooms and polls.

We found learning through Zoom a very simple and engaging process. You can easily communicate face-to-face with the teacher, ask questions directly or through the chat box, share files, view the teacher’s slides through screen sharing, annotate on the slides, etc. 

Whereas most online language learning sites only offer one-on-one classes, LTL opted to focus on small group classes. This both makes classes more affordable and more interactive, with discussion topics or practice dialogues you can work on with your classmates.

The maximum class size is six learners, however we have found that the majority of classes have under three students. You may even be the only student in the class! We anticipate that as LTL becomes more well known, classes will fill up more – however, it is still very different to being stuck in a huge lecture hall or having school classes with 30+ students. 

LTL have only been offering online group classes since early 2020, and have recently expanded significantly to add additional languages such as Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and even Shanghainese! 

However, the relatively young nature of the program does mean that they currently do not cater for more advanced learners in group classes (although you can purchase one-on-one lessons at any level). Currently, Chinese group classes are available up to HSK4 (lower intermediate) level, whereas most other languages only offer beginners level group classes at this time. 

As well as their formal classes, LTL also provides additional support and learning opportunities free of charge.

Their student forum is an excellent area to get to know other learners, as well as to ask language related questions or tech support. The LTL team seem very responsive in these forums, ensuring every question is answered comprehensively. 

LTL also have an excellent blog, where they recommend many external resources to support your language learning (including free/ paid apps, grammar websites, recommended TV shows, favourite YouTube channels, etc). It is great to see that they recognise language learning is not just about classes alone, and students will benefit from using multiple different resources, even from their competitors. 

How to receive your discount

Visit the LTL website here to set up your account. Feel free to have a browse first if you would like to check out more details!

As flexi classes can be scheduled any time, you just need to purchase a package of credits in advance to then spend on classes. They operate a monthly subscription model, although you can change your next month’s subscription at any time and purchase extra credits (at a cost of $10 each). Purchasing a larger number of class credits results in greater savings!

You will then be taken to the payment page, where you should enter the code “Abridge” to receive a 40% discount off your first month’s subscription!